Yesterday and Today

In the last year, most of our time and resources  have been devoted to very successful covert operations where we infiltrated and disrupted hate and domestic terror groups. Instead of just tracking them, we've taken the fight to them. Thus, we've decided a minor rebrand was in order to better reflect the more assertive mission. So, welcome to The Warriors. We're still Hate Trackers, but we want to now honor our Indigenous roots, as well, while showing the fascists that we mean business.  As many of those operations are ongoing, we do not provide actual news reports concerning them, as to not tip off our targets.  Please enjoy the multiple news feeds we do provide, as well as those reports we can release along with our research and library areas.  

Launching in 2007, Hate Trackers became nationally known for taking down quite a number of domestic terrorist and hate groups. We infiltrated hate groups like the Anita Bryant Ministries International and cut our teeth taking down dangerous members of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, Irish Mob, and the Militia and Patriot Movements. We went after more than our share of political figures and con artists as well.

Our mission has always been to stop terrorist acts and hate crimes before they occur. With our relaunch on July 9, 2018 we pledge to continue our fight with renewed vigor as we now face a Radicalized America in Revolt.  

In addition to reporting on extremism and hate crimes, we provide educational resources, including a library and databases.

We aid communities in understanding and addressing extremist groups affecting them and provide a safe exit strategy for those wanting to leave hate and racism behind them.   

And we include YOU in all of our efforts. We want you to be an active participant in whatever way you desire.

Enjoy our written reports, documentaries, interactive maps, video productions, and podcasts all free of charge.  We don’t accept advertising and you aren’t required to sign up to view our website.   

Thank You 


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